All-in-one EVA pouch VR2

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product name All-in-one EVA pouch VR2
Compatible models PSVR2
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  • ・All-in-one EVA pouch VR2
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Model number Product model number: VR2F2521 / Product number: 5307 / JAN: 4945664125217
release date July 6, 2023
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■Notes about this product

◎Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions of this product or compatible devices. ◎It is not waterproof. Please note that if you soak it in water or splash it with water, water will enter the pouch. ◎Do not use the compatible device while it is in the pouch. ◎Please do not store compatible devices with dust or dirt in the pouch. ◎Do not pull the zipper pull with strong force. There is a risk of product damage or injury. ◎When opening and closing the zipper, be careful not to damage the compatible device. ◎If you carry the storage device with the zipper open, there is a risk that the storage device may fall, so be sure to close the zipper when carrying it. ◎When storing, please store it on a flat surface. Doing so may cause the product to fall. ◎This product does not include the PSVR2 main unit. ◎This product does not guarantee protection against impacts such as when the storage device is dropped.

*This product is exclusively for PSVR2. Please do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose. Compatible devices and this product may be damaged.
*This product is not compatible with PSVR or other VR headsets.
*The PSVR2 controller cannot be stored with a cover etc. attached.
*Compatible controller is "PS VR2 Sense Controller".
*Due to the nature of the material, this product may have a smell when you first use it. There is no effect on the human body, but if you are concerned about it, please dry it in the shade for several hours in a well-ventilated place.
*This product is an original product of Gametech and is not a licensed product of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
*The illustration and this product may differ slightly.
*Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to improvements.
*The company names and product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
* “PSVR” is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.