gamers headset

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product name gamers headset
Compatible models PS5/PS4/SWITCH/SWITCH organic EL model/SWITCH Lite/various smartphones *When using with SWITCH/SWITCH organic EL model/SWITCH Lite, the voice chat function built into the game software is required.
Bundled items
  • ・Gamers headset
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  • 1 piece
  • ・Cable band
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  • 1 piece
Model number
  • black
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  • Product model number: YF2172 / Serial number: 3769 / JAN: 4945664121721
  • red
  • -
  • Product model number: YF2173 / Serial number: 3770 / JAN: 4945664121738
  • white
  • -
  • Product model number: YF2174 / Serial number: 3771 / JAN: 4945664121745
Headphone section impedance 32Ω
driver caliber 50mm
Play frequency band 20Hz-20kHz
cable part cable length Approximately 2m
Microphone section impedance 2.2kΩ
sensitivity 100dB/mW
directional omnidirectional
Plug part audio terminal Φ3.5mm
release date December 26, 2019
Selling price open

*This product is an original product of Gametech and is not a licensed product of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. or Nintendo Co., Ltd.
*“PS5”, “PS4” and “DUALSHOCK” are registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
*“SWITCH” and “SWITCH Lite” are registered trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd.
*Fortnite is a registered trademark of Epic Games Incorporated in Japan and other countries.