3 port HDMI selector 4K

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product name 3 port HDMI selector 4K
Compatible models SWITCH・SWITCH Dock for organic EL model
PS4Pro/PS5/PS4/WiiU/PSVR/PS3/Various HDMI-equipped devices
maximum resolution 4K2K(4096×2160)
Supported resolution 4096x2160/30Hz (4:4:4) / 3840x2160/30Hz (4:4:4)
3840x2160/30Hz (4:2:2) / 1920×1200/60Hz / 1920×1080/60Hz
Connecting terminal Input: HDMI 19 pin type A (female) x3
Output: HDMI 19 pin type A (female) x1
Bundled items
  • 3 port HDMI selector 4K
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  • 1 piece
  • Power auxiliary USB cable (1m)
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  • One
Model number Product model number: YA2000 / Product number: 3757 / JAN: 4945664120007
release date August 10, 2017
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*An HDMI-compatible TV is required to use this product.
*4K output is not possible with devices that do not support 4K.
*4K/HDR is not supported.
*Operation of all HDMI-equipped devices is not guaranteed.
*We do not guarantee control functions between all devices.
*It is not possible to switch between three displays with one device.
*The total cable length when extended varies greatly depending on the performance and connection environment of the HDMI device and display.
*HDMI cable is not included with this product.
*If you turn the automatic switching ON/OFF switch from ON to OFF, the image will disappear. In that case, press the select button. Changes to manual switching mode.
*Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to improvements.
*The company names and product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.